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Structural Rebalancing

Structural Rebalancing is an amazing way to rebalance the whole bodies system using mobilisation, organic release within the joints help to increase ease and range of movement whilst working with the soft tissue, muscle and fascia to ease tension within the muscles and surrounding tissues.

Working with this approach is useful for people who suffer from acute and chronic conditions of the musculo-skeletal system, and for individuals who want to use it as a preventative type of bodywork to help alleviate stress that may build up in the tissue. It can also be used to help support injuries cause by direct trauma where a muscle or joint has received an injury through external factors that were not due to previous underlying conditions of the body.

60 Minutes Treatment (recommended 1st treatment)    £70

45 Minute Follow Up Treatment                                      £55

30 Minute Follow Up Treatment                                      £45

If you cannot see any appointments available on our online booking system, please contact us on 01303487220 for assistance.

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