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Holistic Facial 

Using natural skincare, this bespoke facial will leave your skin firmer, restored and moisture. 

What to expect during this treatment? 

Starting off with placing a warm Chakra stone on the abdomen followed by burning sage around the massage couch to help purify negative energy and singing bowl. The therapist will Invite you to breathe deeply three times from the nose, then you can hold the warm stone in order to connect with Mother Earth.

Opening the facial with Oil Cleansing Method (OCM), a natural exfoliation with organic rice flour will leave your skin deeply clean or, natural rose or orange toner, followed by a honey mask with green, white, or red clay added with Frankincense and Geranium essential oil. A facial, neck, shoulders and décolleté massage with Annie Brown facial elixir using hot and cold stones, Gua Sha and facial roller, and ending the treatment with a lip moisturiser.

This holistic facial will relieve the tension on your face, neck and shoulders and will moisturise and leave your skin firmer and glowing while relieving stress and feeling refreshed. 

60 Minute Holistic Facial         £80.00

This treatment is available with Annie, Antonella & Natasha. 

If you cannot see any appointments available on our online booking system, please contact us on 01303487220 for assistance.


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