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Gel Nails

Halo gel nail polish is manufactured to the very latest industry formula and provides many benefits such as fantastic shine and tremendous depth of colour whilst providing up to 14 days of chip resistant long lasting shine. Extensions are not included

60 Minute Hand Gel Nails                   £30.00

Gel Art (Price By Design)     Starting from £30.00

75 Minute Take Off & Redo Hands     £35.00

60 Minute Gel Toes                             £35.00

75 Minute Take Off & Redo Toes        £40.00

Gel Removal                                       £10.00

90 Minute Pedicure With Gels 

(Including deluxe footspa, scrub and massage)  £50.00                 

BIAB Nails

Builder in a bottle aka BIAB is a cult nail treatment loved by nail techs across the world. This is the must-have nail treatment for stronger, longer naturally healthy nails. Extensions are not included

90 Minute BIAB Nails                              £30.00

1 Hour 45 Minute BIAB Nails with Art (Price By Design)    Starting from £30.00

1 hour 45 minute Minute BIAB with Gel Colour             £35.00

        1 Hour 45 Minute BIAB Soak Off & Reapply  £40.00

1 Hour 45 Minute BIAB Infills                  £38.00

1 Hour 45 Minute BIAB With French      £40.00

All the products I use have been carefully selected to be cruelty free and or vegan approved. 

Please note: If you are late for any nail appointments, please contact us. Your treatment may be cut short or cancelled due to time management. 


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