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Counselling & Psychotherapy

Virginia Griffin-Monk

About me

I am a warm, engaged person and have always been interested in human development and creativity. As a therapeutic counsellor, I aim to work collaboratively with you to understand your feelings and experience more fully. Through our work we will recognise ways of thinking and understanding that may be helpful, meaningful and encouraging for you in your life.

I moved from London and now enjoy the gentler pace of Kent, being near the sea, and the opportunity to be creative.

Why are you coming for counselling with me?

You might have been experiencing uncertainty and anxiety, or low self esteem. Some aspects of your life experience or how you relate to yourself and others may be troubling you. You might want to give yourself time and space to explore, to understand yourself better or feel better in yourself, and about yourself. Perhaps you are at a crossroads or transition in your life, trying to find a way forward. You might have learned ways to see yourself and others that are unhelpful, and you want to find ways to create better relationships with yourself and others.

In recent years people have come to counselling with me to explore aspects of their lives, wishing to develop their understanding and ability to support themselves with their situation, often students and creative people.

Clients often come with the following concerns:

Relationships, anxiety, depression, bereavement, trauma, parenting, divorce, family issues, loneliness, work-related stress, bullying, identity, self esteem, finding meaning

50 Minute Treatment £50.00

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