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Jax Wax use exotic and enticing aromatherapy fragrances, such as lavender, strawberry, sandalwood, coconut, lime and more. Leaves skin cashmere soft and deliciously scented. Jax Wax is at the forefront of fully synthetic formulations, perfect for sensitive and intimate

areas. Jax wax also gives a more pain-free waxing experience. 

All hot wax treatments use Kim Lawless Cockney Rebel. Damn fine hot wax. (This will vary between therapists)

15 Minute Lip Waxing             £12.00

15 Minute Cheek Waxing       £15.00

15 Minute Bikini Waxing         £18.00

15 Minute Under Arm Wax     £18.00

15 Minute Eyebrow Wax         £18.00

25 Minute Lip & Chin Wax       £20.00

25 Minute High Bikini Wax       £22.00

25 Minute Forearm Wax          £25.00

35 Minute Half Leg Wax          £30.00

45 Minute Three Quarter Leg Wax  £35.00

45 Minute Full Arm Wax          £35.00

50 Minute Half Leg & Bikini Wax      £40.00

60 Minute Full Leg Wax           £40.00

45 Minute Full Face Wax         £49.00

75 Minute Full Leg & Bikini Wax   £50.00

30 Minute Brazilian Wax          £30.00

45 Minute Hollywood Wax       £35.00


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If you cannot see any appointments available on our online booking system, please contact us on 01303487220 for assistance. 

Waxing Treatments are available with Hannah, Antonella & Natasha.

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